Semi-permanent make-up is evolving

How many of you ladies dread continually applying make-up daily? Semi-permanent make-up really does have endless benefits. Your make-up is an outfit you wear everyday, so think of SPMU as a long-term investment, saving you time and money every day.

Digital technology from Nouveau ContourTo achieve the best possible results for my clients, I use the most advanced digital technology available, together with high quality pharmaceutical-grade pigments. This guarantees the highest standard of safety, hygiene and treatment.

Permanent make-up is a cosmetic treatment. It is used to produce artificial, natural-looking brows, particularly if people have over-plucked, have undergone chemotherapy treatment, are reaching old age or suffer with diseases such as alopecia or genetic disturbance.

How is this done?

The therapist will advise the most appropriate colour and shape for each individual on consultation. A minimum of 2 treatments are required, 4-6 weeks apart.

After the first treatment, 30-40% of pigment will peel off with healing skin. The second treatment then implants more pigment into the skin, deepening and polishing of the shape. In some skin-types, 3 treatments may be required.

Nouveau Colour pigmentsThe specialist techniques used to create semi-permanent make-up is referred to as micro-pigmentation. The procedure can simply be described as implanting minute coloured pigment particles beneath the surface of the skin. Although the treatment fades after 12-18 months, some colour will remain to a greater or lesser degree.

Why choose semi-permanent make-up?

Many clients choose these procedures to help raise self-esteem, self-confidence and to simply allow more of an active lifestyle – as well as saving time.