Micro skin needling (also known as MCA muti-trepannic collagen), is a technique used by semi permanent cosmetics artists in which, as a result of the healing process, benefits are achieved in scar remodelling, skin re-pigmentation, wrinkle filling.

The treatment can also be used to reduce acne scarring, surgical scarring, burn contractures and trauma scarring.

By causing a small amount of trauma to the area, the body’s reaction is automatic and produces more collagen and elastin. This then causes the body to stimulate repairing and rehealing the area. Macrophage cells will clear out any dead and unwanted skin cells, the skin then will start to rejuvenate – improving the texture and appearance of the skin, leaving people feeling more confident about themselves.

6-8 weeks must be left between each treatment, and a series of treatments are required to achieve the best results. Prices are given on consultation depending on the treatment plan required for each individual.