What is Fibroblasting?

I am one of the first technicians in Wales trained in the revolutionary new treatment sweeping across the UK and Europe. I have been trained by Dermalsthetics.

Fibrosthetics is a holistic approach to the perfection of natural beauty.

Using a tiny tip of a handpiece, a plasma flash leaps from the tip to the skin and lets it evaporate superficially. This is a tiny micromillimetre-sized point. The superficial point minimises the skin in its immediate vicinity.

The result being the skin area is clearly tightened.

Say NO to the scalpel

The plasma flash passes through the epidermis and penetrates deeper into the dermis. Here, the light energy stimulates cells called fibroblasts to produce fresh collagen.

The small fibroblast plasma flash, in addition to its evaporation effect, simultaneously exerts a curative and tissue tightening effect which ensures rapid and scarless healing.

The elasticity of the skin is improved and distinctive, instant tightening is visible.

Proven power of plasma for skin regeneration.

What can you treat?

  • Smokers lines around the mouth
  • Excess skin on neck
  • Heavy / droopy lids
  • Fine lines around eyes
  • Skin tags

Fibroblast advantages

  • Instant, visible results during treatment and once healed.
  • Produces amazing wrinkle smoothing eyelid tightening.
  • In contrast to conventional surgery, the skin cannot be ‘overlifted’. The technology means that once the skin has reached maximum lifting point it just stops working. Therefore the treatment guarantees that only the natural excess skin is reduced.
  • The 1:1 result is visible directly during treatment.

Treatment plans are chosen to suit each individual. Most areas can be treated within 2 sessions (in some cases where winkles are deeper set, 3 treatments may be required).


Treatment Price
Upper eyelid £380
Lower eyelid £380
Both eyelids £700
Crows feet £280
Forehead / frownlines £280
Upper lip £270
Lower lip £270
Both lips £500
Nasolatial £250
Neck lifting £300-£500

All treatment costs cover a free top up 4-6 weeks later.

Fibrosthetics aftercare

  • A mild burning sensation, similar to sunburn, which resolves after a few hours.
  • A natural healing response is for the areas to become swollen, especially around the delicate skin near the eye area. Once again, this depends and varies with each individual.
  • Ice packs can soothe and reduce swelling.
  • You will experience a small formation of brown / black crusts on the skin surface. It is imperative that these are not picked.
  • The area must be kept clean and dry.

Downtime / recover time

One of the advantages of fibroblast is that it is much less invasive and a less expensive alternative to surgery. However this does not mean there is no downtime required.

Each healing process varies for each individual. You can experience significant swelling, particularly in the eye area where skin is thinner.

The swelling reduces on day 2-5; the small crusts will reduce and be gone usually by day 5-7. These are purely cosmetic issues, and will cause no detrimental effects to your health.


To ensure that you are a suitable candidate for this procedure, a consultation is required. This will confirm that you will benefit from this treatment.

This treatment is not suitable for everyone.