Once you have had breast cancer everything changes. Your time becomes measured in appointments, scans, results, the next challenge…

Once treatment is finished and you can again finally begin to think of yourself, medical and cosmetic tattooing is a fantastic way to help you look and feel better.

3d nipple areola re-pigmentation / tattooing has become a huge part of the reconstructive procedure following mastectomy. It is generally performed as the final stages of breast reconstruction. This is a simple form of treatment for men / women who have lost one or both nipples through surgery or trauma, by using advanced tattooing techniques the appearance of the nipple can be restored. The overall finished appearance is to replicate a natural looking realistic areola to either match the existing areola or to create a new set, creating the illusion of nipple protrusion by shadow and shading. Alternatively, you may have been left with uneven, asymmetrical, misplaced or discoloured nipples post-surgery.

Each pigment tone and shape is selected to suit each individual, taking into consideration natural skin tone and texture.

Why go on to restore an areola?

Body image is a sensitive issue and sometimes our insistence on “perfection” can be somewhat irrational. However after undergoing hours of surgery the thought of a breast mound without a nipple or areola is somewhat incomplete – to be able to create the illusion through the form of tattooing can help many.

It may be to help improve the appearance of scars post surgery from breast augmentation, breast uplifts or gynaecomastia.

Restoring the appearance of brows and lashes through alopecia, chemotherapy or medical conditions.

Patients who have gone through a trauma deserve the highest standard of treatment required. I have undergone prestigious training to help achieve the best possible results.

I had a double mastectomy. I was obviously left with no nipples. As the months were going on, it was starting to bother me. I got in touch with a few places but it would have cost a lot of money. Rachel said ‘I can’t get you out of my head, I will do it for free’. I was so taken aback by it. I couldn’t believe it, that somebody could be so generous. I agreed to go ahead and she’s done an absolutely amazing job. I’m so pleased that somebody could be kind enough to just do it for free. She doesn’t realise how much that has affected somebody’s life. This is so natural. You’d never know in a million years it was a tattoo. That’s amazing. I can’t thank her enough for how much she’s made a difference.