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If you’re new to the benefits of semi-permanent make-up, then you’ve probably got loads of questions about the treatments, what they entail, how safe they are… Hopefully you’ll find the answers to your questions below – just click on the question to read more about that topic.

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Semi-Permanent Cosmetics is a procedure where tiny particles of natural and synthetic colour pigments are implanted below the skin’s surface using a sterile needle or needle grouping.

The depth varies depending on which area of the face is receiving the treatment – lips and eyebrows are pigmented to a depth of around 2mm, while eyelids are less deep, in order to protect the eye. Conventional tattoos are implanted to a depth of 3mm below the exfoliating layers of skin, which is why they remain there permanently.

The procedure is both safe and medically approved when carried out by a competent practitioner. Rachel is a fully-qualified technician, having been trained by Nouveau Contour.

The most popular treatments that are requested are Lash-line enhancement, Eyeliner, Eyebrow-recreation using the hair-strokes technique, Lip-line definition, Full-lip colouring and also enhancements for men. The end results can range from soft and subtle to vibrant and dramatic.
Anyone with a busy and hectic lifestyles that doesn’t have the time to apply their make-up in the mornings, let alone freshen-up throughout the day, will benefit from having their features enhanced with semi-permanent cosmetics.

Not forgetting people with unsteady hands or those with poor eyesight and even the less fortunate ones who suffer with allergies when using conventional make-up.

In fact, it’s for everyone who wants to look his or her best. And best of all is they are safe in the knowledge that their enhancements or corrections have been expertly applied and will always remain ‘smudge free’ whatever the weather.

Although a little dark when the treatment is first carried out, this will soften by up to 30% during the healing process which will be between 5 and 10 days.
With these treatments there is rarely any swelling and if there is it is minimal. The needles used are made using the latest technology in laser-cutting techniques. The products are hypoallergenic, so allergy risks are reduced even further. However in the unlikely event that you do experience some swelling, ice packs can be used for short periods to reduce this and in any case should not last for more than a day or so. You can continue with your schedule as you normally would with no down time.
To reduce any discomfort, the treatment location is numbed with anaesthetic before the treatment begins. Most people will feel nothing at all, while a few feel a slight, prickly sensation. Also the needles used are so fine that trauma is at an absolute minimum and there is no bleeding. The minimal discomfort that a client may experience is definitely worth it with the stunning results that will be achieved.
At all times, your treatment will adhere to the strictest hygiene and sanitation procedures. Sterile, disposable needles are used for your complete safety.
Not if you look at the long-term cost and effects. It may cost more than a usual year’s cosmetics bill, but is small compared to three years of daily make-up expenses. It doesn’t run or wash off and is a great time-saver. It’s worth every penny to make the most of your natural beauty.
The final results will last between 1 and 3 years and sometimes longer. This depends entirely on the individual’s after-care and the body’s own unique rate of cell regeneration. In the initial two weeks care should be taken not to expose the treated areas to strong UVA rays, chlorine, salts and saunas, as these will reduce the life of your treatment.

To keep your Semi-permanent make-up in tip-top condition with true colour retention, a colour booster every year to 18 months would be recommended.

On the second day after a procedure is performed, a light dryness will form which is only dry to the touch which will fall off in a few days. During this time the pigmented area will look a little darker than your desired shade. However, after the dryness flakes off the colour will lighten by up to 30%.
Immediately! The colour may appear a little darker than required for the first few days.
The results will appear very natural and your features will look more defined making you look completely refreshed. Your friends will never know what the difference is, unless you choose to tell them!