Brows - before and afterEyebrows add so much character to each individual face, framing and adding depth and expression.

Perfect brows will open up your eyes and compliment your skin tone, face shape and facial structure. Eyebrows can be too thick, too thin or uneven, so by changing shapes and choosing correct tones for each individual, the whole face can appear more symmetrical and create a more youthful appearance.

Firstly, a shape will be applied to the skin to show how colours will appear originally, and how they will heal and soften. Then a decision as to which brow treatment would be best for you. There are a few options available, such as:

  • a combination brow in which you simulate hairstrokes with a soft shade in-between, creating a natural look.
  • a powder-effect brow creates more of a block look, using shading.
  • hairstroke brows use just hairstrokes to create a soft, natural look, replicating individual hairs.
  • Microblading is an old Asian technique of applying semi permanent makeup. This is done with a manual hand tool consisting of 10-12 needles positioned at an angle to create the crispest of hairstrokes, by depositing small amounts of pigment beneath the skin into the epidermis layer, strategically placing feather like hairstrokes so a more superficial way of tattooing.

It is not necessary for you to lose all of your eyebrow hair with this type of treatment, and these can be a great solution for sparse, over-plucked brows, or simply for a smudge-free, polished look.