I am delighted to announce that I can now offer microblading as a new treatment. Microblading is an old Asian technique of applying semi permanent makeup. This is done with a manual hand tool consisting of 10-12 needles positioned at an angle to create the crispest of hairstrokes, by depositing small amounts of pigment beneath the skin into the epidermis layer, strategically placing feather like hairstrokes so a more superficial way of tattooing.

The treatment is ideal for people with existing brows, sparse brows, alopecia sufferers or just simply trigonometrical problems. The results are extremely natural looking imitation hairstrokes, creating a fuller flawless brow.

Pigments are selected to suit each individuals skin tone,and hair colouring. Immediately after treatment the colour appears darker due to skin reaction and oxidation, which will soften and fade significantly over a period of 2 weeks. The results last around 12 months, depending on factors which could effect the treatment. An annual colour reboost is highly recommended to freshen up the brow, as skin exposure, creams and some beauty creams can cause the pigment to break down prematurely. Post treatment care will be explained in full after procedure.


Treatment Price
Microblading £285