In December 2012 on Christmas Day I found a lump in my breast. Devastation is an under statement. On going to the breast centre in January 2013, I got the dreaded news. I had breast cancer.
I was told the treatment was surgery to start with, then chemotherapy. At this stage I would probably lose my hair, eyebrows and lashes.

As a woman, in some ways this was worse than the diagnosis. Knowing this I spoke to my friend Rachel. She was my saviour. She researched what I could do to look as normal as possible. She found that semi-permanent make-up was a way to help. Being such a caring person, Rachel decided to go on a course and get trained on how to perform these procedures. Rachel started by tattooing my eyebrows and top and bottom lash lines. This completely transformed the way I felt. I had a frame to my face and with no eye lashes the eye liner defined my eyes. I felt I could face the world again.

Next, I had semi-permanent lip liner and blush just for good measure 🙂

I can honestly say, without these procedures I would have had no self confidence and been confined to my house. Words cannot say what a difference this made.

I’m back to having hair and eyebrows, but will certainly keep having semi-permanent make-up done.

Why? Because I’m lazy and love waking up looking good.

A big heartfelt thank you to Rachel.