I have considered having semi permanent make-up for a while as my natural eyebrows are very sparse, and drawing them on daily was becoming very tedious and time consuming. I was quite nervous about what it entailed and decided to research it. I had heard about Rachel’s semi permanent work through a mutual friend and was told how professional Rachel was. I then contacted her and booked a consultation.

Rachel went through all elements with me and made me feel extremely comfortable. She advised me of the type of brow that would suit my shape face.

Whilst there I could see that she also tattooed lips and became really interested in what that entailed. After discussing in great detail semi permanent make-up with Rachel, my nervous feeling completely went and I decided to have my lips and brows done.

During treatment whenever I felt a little discomfort Rachel showed empathy and professionalism towards me and would count me down whilst tattooing the sensitive area. This ensured that I stayed calm so that Rachel could carry on with her work.

After the treatment was complete Rachel showed me what I looked like even though my lips were a little swollen I was ecstatic. It was worth every penny. Rachel went through the care regime with me and also provided me with an astringent.

Rachel also informed me of the process of fading which is normal and that when I go for my touch up five weeks later the semi permanent makeup would last for approximately 18 months.

I have since had my touch up and I am so happy with the result. My lips and brows are completely natural looking but at the same time save me a lot if time in the morning as I don’t have to define my eyebrows with a pencil any more. As for my lips I literally just gloss and go.

Rachel was fantastic a true professional in every way. I have spread the word about her work and a few of my friends have arranged consultations as they were all very impressed by the results.